Project Blog2Heal & Blog2Inspire

A TheNewHappyMe Exclusive (coming soon)!

Project Blog2Heal (and Blog2Inspire) is designed to create a community of bloggers on a same blogging platform, sharing the intention of helping, guiding and inspiring each other through the healing process.

Healing is better done collectively than alone. This can sound invasive and scary for some, however the blogging platform affords each individual the alone time and space you need while still keeping you connected through the platform and group interactions.

Healing is faster when there are multiple mentors available to guide you through various challenges. Every person’s struggle is unique and only those who have been through similar circumstances can understand you. Imagine having access to a range of mentors to learn from.

Healing is easier when constant recommendations and suggestions allow you to move forward. Through the online interactions of the community, you will receive messages of encouragement, inspiration and motivation to read the books that will help, to listen in on or watch the audios and videos that will help you on this adventure and never allow you to stagnate!

Through this path of healing, you will also gain a lot by inspiring others. Their feedback to you will continue to help in your personal development too. This is why we have added the Blog2Inspire program to the original Blog2Heal initiative. Given the same platform and interacting with the same community, your mission will be slightly different yet very connected.

You will have access to an exclusive Project Blog2Heal & Blog2Inspire page where you will be able to follow the Blog2Heal writing challenge to heal. Through 30 days, you will be writing and working on yourself like you have never done before!

Ready to start?

Visit the Blog2Inspire blog site I have created to get the ball rolling and register to The Magic Challenge to get your energy to vibrate HIGH! New opportunities will surely inspire you to do more, be more, give more!

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